Thanks for hw-9 info!


From: David Johnson (
Date: Sun Dec 04 1994 - 23:54:45 EST

Hey Gang:

Thanks for the pointers on HW-9 info, to many on the
list who responded. Please all who responded accept this
collective thank you, and please don't be offended that
I don't reply individually. Special thanks to Rick, but
there were many others. I will tell my friend to try to
get the 'Hot Water Handbook' from Mike Bryce.

Still trying to find out the identity of the 8-pin audio
amp chip though (U306), and a source for the MC1349P.

This list is great!

Didn't work the contest today, as I was too busy changing
my main hf antenna. Had up the MB1A from the Ant Farm.
It worked pretty well on 80-10m, but I decided to put up
my homebrew flat-top fed with 450-ohm ladder line. I had
used the latter antenna at the previous location and it
seemed to work fine, so I expect (hope) it will do about
as well as the MB1A. Main reason for the change is that
I really wanted to be running a homebrew antenna! Haha!
(qrp spirit, y'know).

Did get to do some operating in the 160m contest, qrp of
course. 7 states with 4 watts from the kenwood ts440,
using my inverted L. Was VERY fun. But a week or so
ago netted a qso on 160 to NJ, using 37 microwatts on
the same antenna. That's over 2 million miles per watt!
I almost can't believe it but have really pretty good
power measuring capability now with the o'scope. Actually
have had the o'scope for years, but finally figured out
how to get rid of a pesky vibration in all the displayed
signals. The vibration was present even on the internal
signal standard. It prevented high-resolution measure-
ments. It disappeared when I swith both channel one and
two buttons on in the mode selector switchblock, even
though I use just one channel. Now those switches just
stay that way! Before, I thought I was getting low
output from the Sierra, but now measurements indicate
the following more reasonable results:
1w on 20m, 1.3w on 30m, 1.6w on 40m, and 2.3w on 80m.

Have fun hammin' !!


David W. Johnson                  Power is no substitute for skill
Amateur Extra WA4NID              QRP ARCI 6546
email:    G-QRP 4864
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