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From: Paul Taylor (pt@opal.com.au)
Date: Mon Dec 05 1994 - 12:50:58 EST

> Q. How many QRPers does it take to change a light bulb?
> A. All of them...one to change it and the rest to argue about whether it's too bright.

Other answers:

A. Being a QRP light bulb, noone even notices amongst the QRO lights that it has blown!

A. The bulb never gets changed because all the QRP-ers are too busy discussing philosophy
on the internet to notice!

A. It takes one *genuine* QRPer one year to:

a) select a ribbon shaped piece of tungsten from the local scrap metal yard,
and work out a way of winding it around a 10inch nail without breaking it;

b) learn the art of glass blowing in order to produce a suitable envelope;

c) reverse the vacuum cleaner motor so that it creates a vacuum in a spare
broom cupboard;

d) learn how to hold one's breath inside a vacuum in a broom cupboard whilst
soldering tungsten filaments to copper wire from mains wiring onto a recycled
bayonet cap from an old blown bulb, whilst applying silicon rubber to seal
the glass tube, and

e) an additional 6 months to write up the QRP-bulb project for each of the
QRP mags, put together kits, issue reprints, answer beginner's questions,
fly accross the country giving presentations.

8^) 72 from a very long way away...

Paul Taylor, VK3BLY
Melbourne, Australia. (NOT Florida!)

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