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From: Mike Czuhajewski (
Date: Sun Nov 27 1994 - 23:31:25 EST

Sorry if anyone already mentioned this and I overlooked it, but the
December 1994 QST had the 4th installment on their series about the
Internet. Among other things, this one covered USENET, and in a
sidebar they gave a list of mailing lists people could subscribe to,
and QRP-L was right there in the middle of it! We should see some new
folks arriving shortly. There will also be a short article in the next
issue of the QRP Quarterly on the QRP list, which may generate a few
more new folks. (BTW, I just saw two of my posts arrive today, four
days after I sent them out. Far from a record...) There was also a
letter in the general correspondence section with the same general tone
as one several months ago, paraphrasing--you QRPers have all the fun
because you pass all the work onto someone else by making them put up
with puny signals. I certainly hope this letter generates a lot of
responses! By the way, this is the same issue of QST that has a
picture of Jeff Gold up front in the color section. 73 and Queue Our

Mike Czuhajewski, user of the UniBoard System @
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