From: James Lyons (jlyons@CAM.ORG)
Date: Sat Nov 26 1994 - 11:02:00 EST

Just finished assembling the sierra and worked VP5VW in the contest in
mid-morning, Montreal.

I was reluctant to start assembling the board it was so beautiful in its
pristine condition ... seemed like it would be more appropriate to frame
it and use it as a decoration on the shack.

Everything worked as it should and it is definitely the best kit I have
ever assembled, including a Heath SB101.

Only confusing item were the remarks about the loudness of the side
tone. That is not at all a problem here, quite the reverse. I don't
think I've aligned it on the wrong sideband ... can't adjust it to be any
stronger than it is ... and in any case I seem to be able to net
accurately on another transceiver in the shack though I notice the sierra
is on upper sideband whereas my 751A is on lower on CW.

In any event, the bottom line is " a fantastic kit and a great receiver".

My vote is for keeping "for sale" postings.

Doug, I hope you can work something out for the keyer ... count me as a
customer. I'm sure you'll make sure the paddle is suitable for /P operation.

72, Jim, VE2KN

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