QRP Headphones on sale!


From: K7YHA@aol.com
Date: Fri Nov 25 1994 - 23:35:47 EST

Radio Shack has their Nova 42 stereo headphones on sale for $7.99 which is
$5.00 off the regular price. I don't know how long this sale will last, but
it is an outstanding price for a great little set of phones. I have used a
set for over a year on my ARK-40. They work very well with the NorCal-40 and
the NN1G 40-40/30-30 transceivers, also.

This headset features a "mono/stereo" switch and volume control in line with
the headset. This allows you to control the volume of the NorCal-40 or 40-40
without adjusting the RF gain control. The mono/stereo switch is useful when
you have a rig that has a mono output (you know the kind....when you use
stereo phones you only get the audio in your left ear). Flip the switch and
you have audio in both phones.

(NO, I don't have stock in Radio Shack.....wish I did, though)

72 rich

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