Looking for Houston QRPers.


From: KELL@mpac.jsc.nasa.gov
Date: Wed Nov 23 1994 - 09:27:11 EST

                         A T T E N T I O N

                    All QRPers living in the Houston area

                    (Others can ignore this if they want,
                                kind of me what?? :) )

I found out that there is at least ONE other QRPer in our fair city. Are
there any others? If there are, would there be any interest in having a
VERY informal get together on an occasional basis to talk about QRP, show
off our latest rigs, tell fish stories, etc.? No dues, no club, no
newsletter, no obligation (except to have an enjoyable time). No questions
as to what is the Houston area, if in doubt, you are too far away. Meeting
place and time by future mutual agreement.

We want to keep this very informal, I am not an organization type, and the
other guy says that he is orged out.

Reply as you see fit.


Ted Kell@mpac.jsc.nasa.gov

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