Re: MILLIWATT waiting list


From: Mike Czuhajewski (
Date: Sun Nov 27 1994 - 19:34:17 EST

Sorry, there is no more waiting list. Due to lack of response from
several people who were on the waiting list, I have decided to throw
all remaining copies (8 to 12 or so) to the general public,
first-check-received, first serve. After enough checks are received to
pay for the remaining copies, all further checks received will have
VOID written on them and be returned. No further reservations will be
accepted by e-mail--I've had to chase after far too many people who
expressed interest and then failed to follow through, or who said the
check was in the mail, then e-mailed much later to say it really was in
the mail. (Not singling out any one person, since there were MANY who
fell in that category!)
The 8 or so remaining copies are available to anyone who wants them; no
reservations will be accepted via e-mail (except for DX stations, for
whom snail mail is very slow). The first few checks received at 7945
Citadel Drive, Severn, MD 21144, will receive copies. The rest will be
returned, and I will put a note on the net when they are all gone.
Price is $22 postpaid in US/Canada ($11 extra for DX airmail).
73 and Queue Our Pea DE WA8MCQ

Mike Czuhajewski, user of the UniBoard System @
The WB3FFV Amateur Radio BBS - Located in Baltimore, Maryland USA
Supporting the Amateur Radio Hobby, and TCP/IP InterNetworking

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