Oscillators and output


From: JimN0OCT@aol.com
Date: Sat Nov 26 1994 - 10:43:39 EST

Here is a little exercise for us homebrewers to ponder:

Given an untuned Colpitts oscillator,

Given a fixed feedback and biasing scheme,

Given a fixed output capacitor

Given the active device is a bipolar transistor

And given a fixed frequency (say 10.12 MHz for good luck)

Can one expect to increase the output of such a beast by using a transistor
with a very high f[sub]T --current gain product bandwith? Granted the output
will be low anyway, and the increase might be incremental, and a device with
a very high f[sub]T might need a lot of VHF supression, would just changing
the device from one with an f[sub]T of 150 to, say gigaHertz do anything??

Tell us your thoughts!!

72 es happy tday weekend, Jim N0OCT

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