Re: NE40-40


From: Stephen Trier (
Date: Sun Nov 27 1994 - 10:18:35 EST

m.e.hartwell writes:
> I had wondered if there were standard standoffs available
> from the closest Radio Shack but that doesn't seem to be the case or
> at least people aren't using that as a source.

Yes, Radio Shack does have standoff kits. Look for part number 276-195A,
in the blue section. (I know that only because I leaned over to grab the
pack that is sitting on my workbench...) They are $1.39(?) for four
standoffs and eight screws.

RS also has little packages of spacers next to their packs of screws and
nuts. These are the unthreaded-aluminum-tube kind. The package has two
of each size. I'm not sure how one is supposed to mount a four-cornered
board with two standoffs!


Stephen Trier

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