Re: 450 ohm ladder line


Date: Tue Nov 22 1994 - 19:08:35 EST

Back in the bad old days when I lived in a neighborhood full
of noisy hayseeds, I had a wonderful antenna set up. Since all
service to the house was buried cable (ah, such quiet), I put up
a 45 ft tower and held it up with 6 ton aircraft cable that
got hooked to that neat white spacer ladder line that people actually
used to sell at hamfests. I had a neat little lightning arrestor.

Basically, it was two automotive spark plugs screwed into one of
those cast aluminum boxes with a gasket around the lid. The box
was lashed to the tower with clamps and a chunk of L-bracket and
there was a chunk of braided battery cable (lahk offa Kenworth,
y'knowwhaddahmean, verne) that went to the 6 ft ground stake
what was runned into the vampire what lived thar befformme. I
never took a lightning hit, but I sure felt a lot better about
that antenna taking it than me or the house or the radios.

And yes, I had a big ceramic knife switch that connected the
open wire feeder (it came into the shack through huge ceramic
marine feedthrough insulators) to the rest of the antenna hoses.
Don't ask me why I moved from there to this dump. I'm here now
and I have about as much desire to put up another tower as I do
to breath my last in this joint. I ask myself "Why put up a
tower when it'd just fall across cars in the bank parking lot
or run into the power lines that cut across my side yard on
their way to the house behind mine.

I think I need an Elavil moment.

"Too much is always better than not enough."
                         J.R. "Bob" Dobbs

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