From: m.e.hartwell (
Date: Wed Nov 23 1994 - 09:22:00 EST

Hello all

        Recently I had asked the question concerning standoffs and
thought I would relate to you all what I have settled on using.
I was rummaging through some old boxes of junk parts and came across
a paper bag of some screws and stuff. I found a lot of replacement
screws for eia connectors, can't remember why I ordered them but have
them here, they have a screw shaft with nuts and washers all included
and accept a screw on the other end. These are the ones on PC's that
always come loose when you remove a cable and then can't tighten the
cable back up when you relocate the printer or modem on you desk. Any
way the circuit board is raised off the bottom of the case about a
quarter of an inch. I suppose if I needed more space I could put two
or three of these screwed together. Some people responded with ideas
for either insulated or not insulated standoffs, and I appreciate the
responses. I had wondered if there were standard standoffs available
from the closest Radio Shack but that doesn't seem to be the case or
at least people aren't using that as a source.
        I have the NE40-40 assembled now and need to finish with the
visual check out, then a power up and alignment, then into the case
and finial alignment. Now that is the plan and you all know how plans
go and how that will work. I fully expect to have to spend lots of time
on getting this working, it never fails.
        On the subject of keyers for kits that Chuck had mentioned. I
have a HW7 with an old Accu-keyer built in, with the audio filter from
MFJ from a long time ago, works good, the HW7 has some other mods to
it also, the relay was taken out and a quite mercury on put in its place.
There is one draw back to the mercury relay is that they key if turned
up side down, but I don't use the rig in the upside down position.
I think I will get out the HW7 and put in on the air this weekend.
        Now another question. Does anyone remember the old Heathkit
novice rig HW16? Was that all solid state? I think it was, now could
that be made into a qrp rig, under 5 watts out. HMMMMMMMMMMM

Marty kd8bj

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