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From: chuck adams (adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com)
Date: Tue Nov 15 1994 - 16:16:06 EST


20 years or so ago DigiKey had a small keyer called
(can you imagine) "The DigiKeyer". I think it came
from a QST article of that era. It used 3 or 4
4000 series CMOS chips. I had one for 15 years and
was moving it from QTH to QTH and finally I guess I
gave up on packing it and lost it.

Anyone have one or have the schematics?

Here is why the interest - as project #2 for the
internet QRP group, we need a non-Curtis chip non-
CMOS II keyer. It does not have to be complicated
and it only needs completing dits and dahs and
spacing automatic for characters and words.

The DigiKeyer would be small enough and cheap enough
to put in all the rigs that you have homebrewed or kit.
This sudden interest brought about after carting a paddle
and a keyer that was larger than the NE40-40 rig!!!! So
let me know what you have (no need to flood the net) and
I'll summarize. Dig through all your old QSTs, 73s, HRs,
and Handbooks for small keyers and let's get the smallest
and the cheapest and come up with a board that FAR or the
NorCal club can go with.

I have the keyer from A&A already and will put it in
the NE40-40, but I have a NE30-40 in progess and will have
it going by tomorrow. I will be able to help those having
the VFO problems by then also. I started with the extra
turn in the VFO toroid as suggested by the several postings
already on the topic.

p.s. When I left Miami yesterday the winds were already
at 25+ knots. Haven't seen the weather today, but I'd guess
that I got out in time. I called the B&B when I got home
and they lost all the leaves off their trees and they were
80 miles north of Key West.

dit dit

Chuck Adams K5FO CP-60

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