OHR Classic


Date: Tue Nov 15 1994 - 11:44:15 EST

>From: Ted Rosen, Architectural Technology Department
The ongoing saga of my OHR Classic repairs continue...
After replacing the shorted capacitor, and operating for a week
the rig seems to be working very well on both bands. The change in
SWR after operating for 30 minutes or so, was corrected by adjusting
the power out on 40m down from the maximum output to just under
5w. (thanks to the responses suggesting this solution). One solution
leads to another question, for all those OHR Classic owners out there:
When the rig is set for 5w output on 40m, switching bands to 20m results
in about 1w output into a dummy load with swr 1:1.Are other OHR Classic
users finding this large difference in output power between bands? Is there
a simple fix, to get 4-5 watts output uniformly from each band?

73 de Ted, VA3TAR

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