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From: Mont Pierce (
Date: Tue Nov 15 1994 - 06:49:49 EST

> And another one bites the dust, this time WB9OMC, who indicated his
> boss isn't happy with the amount of time he has to spend on the system
> dealing with all the e-mails generated by the current mailing list.

He should have read his non-business mail on off hours, then his boss
couldn't complain... I guess a digest copy though could be printed
and read while in the throne room though.

> Yet another to add to the very, very long list of unsubscribes
> attributed to the loss of the digest function when the list left
> I can see that being the death of the qrp list, or at least
> a very severe damping factor.

Yes, we lost a few. But I don't think that's a sign that the qrp list
is on death row, not as long as there are great guys like Doug Hendricks,
Chuck Adams, Wayne Burdick, Dave Bensen, Bell Kelsey, and numerous other
qrp gurus accessible via the mailing list. Even if there is nothing to
talk about for a time, the fact that these guys (are there any gals out
there...) are available to elmer guys like me will insure that the list
doesn't die for a long long long time. :) :)

> So what exactly is involved in having a digest
> done? Is that something that has to be done by the host operator, or
> can a user do it? Or someone on the list? Lots of people know about
> the daily.qrp and 3day.qrp files which can be FTPed from
>, which are maintained by AB4EL in his

If I remeber correctly, AB4EL also said that he would email a digest to
anyone who desparately wants it but cannot ftp the other copies. I
think what he has done is manually setup an alias for email digest
recepients and when the daily.qrp is archived a copy of it is also
sent to the alias. So, there is an email digest of sorts available
right now.

> In the last month or three I have
> perceived a very definite slowing down of the QRP mailing list,
> Is it
> just my perception, or is the QRP list dying?

Not to worry, I think that lulls now and then is just the nature of things.
This time of year there are many holidays which take up peoples time. As
soon as there is something really exciting to talk about, the mail will
fly in flurries again and again.

I think you'll see more traffic once more Sierras are received and built,
some are sure to have some problem, others may have suggestions or mods...
Another flurry will come when they start Sierra to Sierra QSOs. Another
when the Norcal 40a gets shipped and goes through the paces. Another
flurry when the inet rig makes another break through on design and/or
actual construction details are discussed and implemented. Or, who knows,
the next 73 or QST may have an article on some hot topic that everyone will
want to discuss.

Mont Pierce

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