From: David Johnson (djohnson@acpub.duke.edu)
Date: Sun Nov 13 1994 - 19:45:13 EST

Some guy asked about running the ts50 at qrp,
but did'nt give his email address (ARGH!)
so here is the info to the list. It may be of interest
to others. I've not tried it yet myself, but will
probably set the pots for qrp soon:

ts50 to qrp:

remove cover, gently remove speaker and its metal support.
(ok to leave speaker connected). Look for VR15 (one inch
or so from front, about a third of the way from the left
side of the pcb, as viewed from the front). Adjust it
for lower power when metering the output power. This is
the pot that sets the output power on the low power
range setting of the rig (10 watts from factory = qro
for us 'real' qrpers).

You can also set the power on the other two of the
selectable ranges of the rig, by changing VR16 (middle
power range pot) and VR 14 (hi power range pot).

Have fun,


David W. Johnson                  Power is no substitute for skill
Amateur Extra WA4NID              QRP ARCI 6546
email: djohnson@acpub.duke.edu    G-QRP 4864
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