From: Frank Emens (femens@iquest.com)
Date: Sun Nov 13 1994 - 14:22:00 EST

!!! I finally got mine after ordering it July 15. My first trial was with an
old Radio Shack 2 amp "regulated" supply. Hum was very objectionable even
on receive. Then I hooked it up to the Astron supply that runs all the
station's 12V accessories. Receive got OK, but got a couple of signal
reports indicating a T-8 note with slight chirp. Can any of you QRP+ owners
tell me if that clears up with a good clean battery supply? I'll be looking
for a gel-cell setup over the next week.

As to the operation of the little gem, I like it. There have been questions
about the rx sensitivity above 20M. I know this is not a definitive test,
but when I listen first with a 50 ohm dummy load, then with a 10-meter
antenna, the band noise is louder on the antenna -- at least a coarse
indication that 10M sensitivity is adequate.

I could do without the popping agc (audio-derived agc), but since the rx
gets most of its selectivity at audio, I'd rather have the pops than have
out of passband signals pumping the agc around.

73, Frank Emens, W4HFU
Huntsville, Alabama

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