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From: Mont Pierce (
Date: Sun Nov 13 1994 - 10:58:58 EST

> I rather suspect few people were amused by sitting through several
> minutes of addresses flashing by on the screen; I know I wasn't. I'm a
> relative newcomer to all this, so I don't know the answer yet to the
> following question: is there any recourse against people like that
> doing those things, such as complaining to the host operator and having
> them put on "double secret probation" or getting their access
> terminated outright, or is that just something we have to learn to live
> with?

Two points:

    1. Mail of this sort almost never has the correct originator's
        email id. The "from:" part can easily be forged by knowledgeable
        users on unix machines. This is one of the inherent security
        problems of unix.

    2. Because of point #1, you have to learn to live with it. Usually
        enough people have already complained to the appropriate places
        and your added response won't make any difference except create
        one more piece of mail that must be delivered. Also, do not
        bombard the sender with monumentious replies, because if the id
        is forged, which is almost always the case, then you're really
        bombarding the wrong person and that would not be very nice.


Mont Pierce

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