OHR Classic Success!


Date: Wed Nov 09 1994 - 22:00:41 EST

>From: Ted Rosen, Architectural Technology Department
After trouble shooting my OHR Classic for 3 weeks, consulting many more
technically trained friends, and devoting hours to studying circuit
diagrams and electronics textbooks, I found the culprit. A bypass
capacitor had shorted in the 20m control line. It's now replaced, and
the rig is working again. (I learned a lot as well!)
I am finding that after about 30 minutes of operation on 40m the swr
starts to rise rapidly, though. Any thoughts as to what to look at
to fix that little problem?

Also, I enjoyed about half an hour operation on SS using the ic751 qrp.
Made 7 contacts, and now looking foreward to the next qrp contest to
use the Classic.
73 de Ted, VA3TAR

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