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From: Michael Bendio (
Date: Wed Nov 09 1994 - 11:05:12 EST

>>> Bob Lockwood <roberloo@wrgate.wr.TEK.COM> 11/08/94 09:10am
>I have been thinking about writing a software package to aid in
>I have a few questions...
>1) Is there a need for a quality, low cost (ie, free) hardware design
> package?...
>2) What environment should the package run under?...
>3) What features are key to the success of this package?
> A) What types of circuit analysis should be provided?
> B) Should the package include PCB layout.
> C) Should the package include antenna design.
> D) other
>Thanks for the input and 73's
>Bob (N4AHB)

I think this is an excellent idea! I think that there is definitely a need for
such a software package. I've been discouraged as I've searched for
circuit design and pcb layout software on the net. I would suggest that
it run under Windows (using the WIN32 API). I'd like to see PCB layout
included. May I suggest too, that you consider the Linux model of soft-
ware development? That is, write the core of the application, document
it well to establish a strong direction, and then invite the collaboration of
the net in extending it. You may want to consider using ACS (Al's
Circuit Simulator, available at for your
circuit analysis. I believe all it wants for input is a netlist. Since its
source is freely available, it, too, could be enhanced and expanded.

This project could become the means for the easy distribution of
schematics and PCB designs for the internet.

Michael Bendio, WT7J

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