Isotron/QRP Part III


From: John Fleming (
Date: Wed Nov 09 1994 - 09:19:31 EST


Tried to get out on the Isotron again last night, but
it seemed like a lousy band between 0030-0100. Hardly
heard anybody. Called CQ on 7.025-.040, .110, but nothing
heard. Responded twice, nothing heard.

Thanks to all of you folks out there who have taken the
time to write words or wisdom and encouragement. I'm
going to give it until next Sunday, then if I still don't
hear anything, contact Bilal directly. I don't think
it's fair to complain too soon (it is QRP, after all, and
only up 10'), but it's also misleading to represent the ant
if it truly won't work. I was up front with him about
my intentions for the antenna, and he was quite confident
it would work.

I'll report results again next week. In the meantime, if anyone
is thinking of ordering this gear, maybe you should try to
get someone other than a mag reviewer to give it good reports.

John N9NDH
  John Fleming
    Bass By Day, Blues by Night

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