Re: QRP in SS: 11%


From: howie cahn (
Date: Tue Nov 08 1994 - 19:31:26 EST

On Tue, 8 Nov 1994, Peter Jennings wrote:
> I have seen several messages lamenting the lack of QRP stations in the
> CW SS. I have to say that it just isn't so. The problem is that QRPers
> are hunting and pouncing and not calling CQ. As a result, you didn't
> work each other. I'm not sure why you weren't calling CQ, because
> plenty of you had big enough signals to get lots of answers. Well...,
> some answers.
> ........
> Q 84 11 %
> A 469 59 %
> B 239 30 %

Well, you can get answers to CQs in SS -- sometimes. During the day on 80
or 40 (short path, low QRM conditions) I could have some modest runs
calling CQ. Much of the time, tho, it's real unproductive.

I worked the following QRP stations: KP4/KA9FOX, AA2U, K8MTO, NG3K, W2GD,
KM3D, K5IID, W6IO, WG9U, and K0FRP. Most of them were way ahead of me.
That's about 2 or 3% of my QSO total.

I was sorta disappointed not to hear more calls from this list. Contests
are a great time to do two things that I would have thought most QRPers
would be interested in: trying out equipment and seeing what it's
possible to work. You can learn more about your station and work more in an
hour in a contest than you can in WEEKS otherwise. Not only are
there tons of stations calling CQ, many of them have super high-gain
antenna, so you can work lots that you couldn't any other way
(remember, you can consider the other station's antenna gain as adding to
your transmit power. Working someone who is using a stacked array is like
going from QRP almost up to full transceiver power.)

Hope to see y'all in CQWW in a couple of weeks.

72/73... howie

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