Re: Hamstick Revisited


From: Alan Kaul (
Date: Sun Nov 06 1994 - 23:33:28 EST

Chuck -- here's a thought for the ''hamstick carrier'':

        Buy a piece of PVC an inch or two in diameter. Cut it to fit the
        Hamstick. Buy two end caps --- and glue one in place on one end.
        Use the other without glue as a removable cap.

        If you decide to use that as check-in baggage, suggest you install a
        set screw to hold the top cap firmly in place (lest it come off
        in transit, spilling your Hamstick into the belly of some
        cargo hold). Now, if we were really inventive, we'd figure
        out a way to cut threads into the PVC pipe or end cap so that it
        could be used as a mast to get the Hamstick 4-5 feet higher
        into the air, or 4-5 feet father out away from the hotel
        balcony. And if we're cutting threads, don't forget a solder
        lug for the shield end of the attaching coax so you'll have a
        good place to hang a radial!

        Happy DX-ing! PS -- for a fleeting moment in this weekend's
        SS contest, I thought I might snare you for a QSO when I
        copied the partial call sign ''FO.'' But alas, it was
        AB6FO portable in KP2.

        Perhaps next time. 72 de alan

                     [<Alan Kaul, W6RCL>]

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