From: chuck adams (adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com)
Date: Fri Nov 04 1994 - 18:34:54 EST


1. Nice writeup by Wayne Burdick about the new and improved
    NorCal 40 (my membership number :-) ), called the NC40a.
    It is definitely a must have in my inventory of rigs. Still
    kicking myself in the rear for selling the original version.

2. At Pacificon, I told Wayne, Doug, and the crew, after operating
    the Sierra, that I might have been operating my AF and RF gain
    controls in reverse. Sorry gang, but I had them right. Must
    of been thinking about when the KW a couple of blocks away came
    on. :-)

3. If my antenna situation works out, I should be on 40M at night
    to see how many countries you can get from FL with 0.95W out
    in the FL keys. Still haven't found out if any othe islands are
    worth swimming over to start an mini-DXpedition.

4. Will be in FL saturday night and for 10 days thereafter. I will
    have the laptop and be checking in.

5. Gotta run, thunderstorms in the area and don't wanna lose the

dit dit
Chuck Adams K5FO CP-60

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