QRP+ Info - Part 2


From: william.redfearn.cmwdr01@nt.com
Date: Fri Oct 28 1994 - 12:17:00 EDT

I set up a test to try and evaluate the minimum signal that the QRP+
can hear compared to a Ten Tec Paragon (the Scout is on its way to a
new owner).
I used a 3.6864 Mhz, 40 milliwatt transmitter with the output
T connected to a 50 ohm load and the input of a 120 DB step
attenuator. The output of the attenuator connected to the
input of the radio under test.

The Pargaon was tested with the 500 Hz filter selected and the
QRP+ was tested with the 500 Hz filter selected.
The test was performed at 14.7456 Mhz (4th harmonic of 3.6864 Mhz)
because I wanted to test in the 14 Mhz band.

The procedure was to connect the radio to the attenuator output,
tune in the 14.745 Mhz signal, and reduce the attenuator to the
point where the signal was last heard.

Both the Paragon and QRP+ heard the signal down to -90 db.
The QRP+ did not hear the signal at -100 db.
On the Paragon the signal was just barely discernable at -100 db.

Also noted:
At -40 db the signal was S7 on the Paragon and S8 on the QRP+.
At -60 db the signal was S4 on the Paragon and S3 on the QRP+.

So, compared to the Paragon the QRP+ hears pretty well.

73 - Dave.

Dave Redfearn, SR PC LAN Analyst Northern Telecom RTP, NC.
ph.(919) 992-3925 email: cmwdr01@nt.com qrl? de N4ELM/qrp

All opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the views of
my employer, co-workers or any other person, real or imaginary.

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