Re: slow list response


From: qrmodena@csemail
Date: Thu Oct 27 1994 - 19:10:15 EDT

Below is an abbreviated version of Ray's thought on message
slowness. I can easily agree that his theory operates.

But not in my case. :^)

Reason? It is now *19* hours and that message I posted last night
still has not appeared.

The message that I posted after 12 hours wait (anticipation) has
clearly reached everyone in the meantime.

Now, I think what is happening at netcom is a "blackhole." It
doesn't bounce; it doesn't get into a long queue; it just gets
scrolled into the bit-bucket. An unacceptable practice on a
for-pay service.

And yes, I enjoy qrp-l so much I would send $1 or $2 cash to pay
for subscriber cost for a year ('cuz a long subscription list
of $1's can pay for a hell of a lot more service than netcom is
providing. ;^)

Not in anger at anyone...

73/Steve/AB4EL ab4el@Cybernetics.NET

> I have a theory on what is going on with the
> qrp-l list on netcom....
> Notice the header from your recent message, ...
> ........It is set to "list". I believe
> this sets the priority for the outbound mail, which is
> really, really, really low for mail lists.
> I think that if you happen to get a message to the reflector
> at just the right time (just before it is ready to send a bunch
> of list messages) you "catch the boat" and your message goes out
> pretty fast. However if you are unfortunate to miss the the right
> time, your message sits and stagnates in the outbound queue until
> the system feels like processing list traffic again.
> 72's de Ray WB6TPU

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