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From: m.e.hartwell (meh@cbsms1.cb.att.com)
Date: Thu Oct 27 1994 - 14:01:00 EDT

        Hello all
                I have recently read in this group different ways a person could
                ham from a place with restricted antennas. I have long thought of this
                because I sometimes am in places where putting up a dipole or some
                other antenna is not convenient or the owner of the motel would object
                to me climbing his trees or some such. Anyway here are a could or so
                of my ideas of what I would try. While in Canada one time we had a cabin
                on the lake, I had a rather good bumper mount with a whip cb antenna
                attached. I pulled the cable from the front of the car and reran it out
                the trunk, pulled the car in backwards in the slot and attached some
                extension coax to the cable running from the trunk though the window
                to the antenna tuner and from there to the rig, the car made a fairly
                good ground plane and I did get out. Now a variation on that idea would
                be to make up or buy one of those heavy duty mag mounts with the three
                magnets and put a real big vertical on the roof of the car, better ground
                plane, and if there were traps I bet it would get out real good. Now how
                about in a condo or apartment on a weekend couldn't you do the same
                thing, people might say something if you put an antenna on your patio
                but may not even see the thing on top of some car in the parking lot.
                        Same thing in a trailer park, my mother lives in Yuma AZ in
                        the winter, I doubt if I could get away with putting a two meter antenna
                        up on the trailer for packet but just leaving a 5/8th wave on the roof
                        of the car and run the coax into the trailer and bang I was on packet.
                        Just some thoughts.
                        Marty kd8bj

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