Re: Hamstick


Date: Thu Oct 27 1994 - 17:19:16 EDT

I have had excellent results with hamstick antennas on 40,20,and 17 meters.
What I like about them is that you can mount them on the trunk lid where
they are further off the ground and away from the bulk of the car body as
compared to the usual bumper mount variety. I tune them to resonance with
a noise bridge connected via a 1/2 wavelength coax cable. On 40 and 20
meters a shunt capacitor and a couple of inches extra length was required
to obtain a 50 ohm match.

I believe the company that sells them also sells an assembly for putting
them in a dipole configuration.

I have considered putting two of them on the top of my roof with radials
in the attic to form a "low profile" vertical phased array for 20 or 17
meters. Any thoughts on that configuration?

Jerry WB0DBG

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