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From: Ray Anderson (Raymond.Anderson@EBay.Sun.COM)
Date: Wed Oct 26 1994 - 23:36:01 EDT

        I have a theory on what is going on with the
qrp-l list on netcom. You mentioned in a recent message that
some people have their messages posted almost immediately,
whereas some messages don't show up for almost a day later.
Notice the header from your recent message, there is a precedence
line that is added by the reflector. It is set to "list". I believe
this sets the priority for the outbound mail, which is
really, really, really low for mail lists.

        I think that if you happen to get a message to the reflector
at just the right time (just before it is ready to send a bunch
of list messages) you "catch the boat" and your message goes out
pretty fast. However if you are unfortunate to miss the the right
time, your message sits and stagnates in the outbound queue until
the system feels like processing list traffic again.

        Personally I think that is a heck of a way to run an
airline (or mail reflector as the case may be), however it appears
that is how it is. If anyone has a better explanation based on fact
rather than theory I'd like to hear it.

72's de Ray WB6TPU

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