Re: QRP and Hamstick


Date: Wed Oct 26 1994 - 10:29:07 EDT

Yes indeed, Bob, mount that rascal as high on the vehicle as you can!

I have a Plymount Voyager with an aftermarket roof rack. I have an antenna
mount on it intended for trucker's side mirror brackets. This arrangement is
not strong enough to use while in motion, but it does great for fixed portable
operation. One warning, however. My aftermarket roof rack is solidly grounded
to the roof. Some roof racks are not electrically connected at all.

I thought I was the only one who "hammed" from the car while my wife shopped!

If you try the large magnet mount please let the group know. I'm sure there
are others of us who are interested but don't want to make the investment.
Perhaps you can be our guinea pig!


Joe E. N2CX

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