ARK4 user comments?


From: Mike Czuhajewski (
Date: Thu Oct 27 1994 - 09:39:54 EDT

I'm starting to write my review of the ARK4 for the QRP Quarterly, and
I'd like to have some comments from people who have actually used one
on the air for some time. (That's the ARK4, the less expensive one
that comes in a modem-like case, not the more expensive bigger brother,
the ARK40). Some areas I'm interested in--how do you like the push
button tuning? Quirky RIT/fine tuning? (If you have one, you know what
I mean.) Any problem with audio being distorted? Audio OK until you
turn on the audio filter and then becoming distorted? Any problem with
the 10 KHz whine in the background--does it cause any problems, or is
it only noticeable when the audio is cranked all the way down?
Anything else--likes, dislikes, etc. One more thing, rather important
to me, is when you bought the radio, ie, whether it's a current version
or an earlier one which may or not have all the modifications. Dick
told me he was going to switch to a different chip in the audio, for
instance. There were also a variety of mods along the way. I have had
my hands on several of these which he provided, but all were prototypes
with various levels of mods; one had all current mods as of the date I
got it, early August (although there may have been more since then,
such as the replacement of the audio chip). Please send your comments
via e-mail; I'll work some of them into the review, as appropriate, and
give you full credit. Sorry, can't share the authors payment with you
since the QRP Quarterly doesn't pay authors, but you do get the fame
and glory of having your name in print! 73 and Queue Our Pea DE WA8MCQ

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