My MILLIWATT is here!


From: Mike Czuhajewski (
Date: Thu Oct 27 1994 - 02:36:08 EDT

I got my copy today (like the chef sampling his cooking), and it's good
to see it on both sides of the paper this time--a more manageable 180
sheets instead of 360! And all in one binder this time, not six.
Bill, pass my thanks to the printer. Mine came in a flimsy envelope,
or at least flimsy in relation to something this big; hope they don't
get mangled by UPS. Note on the Milliwatt--although I co-founded it
with Ade Weiss, don't forget that he did 99.95% of the work, and that I
wimped out after 4 issues and joined the Air Force (better than going
into the ground-pounding Army in Viet Nam!). A couple others have told
me they got theirs, too. I have a list of about a dozen folks who
expressed interest once upon a time and never another peep--those
issues will be released to the open market immediately--that means NOW,
the moment I type this--I've already had several inquiries whether
issues were still available--the answer is yes, a very limited number
ARE available, at $22 postpaid in US/Canada; send check to me (and be
sure it's in US dollars, dated 1994 instead of 1995, signed on the
bottom, etc; I had to return several). Bill also added a couple extra
issues to the print run on his own; he'll advertise those himself, I
presume. Also, there were many people who said the check was in the
mail and then forget to send it. Some ofthem have responded to my
recent queries, admitting their error. If you sent me a message saying
the check was in the mail and forgot to actually do it, you should
contact me NOW--work phone is 410-290-1919--or else your copy will go
on the open market shortly. Hint: if your name was not on the list of
paid-up orders I sent out recently, you are not getting one! 73 and
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