HW-8 price


From: Mike Czuhajewski (Mike.Czuhajewski@hambbs.wb3ffv.ampr.org)
Date: Wed Oct 19 1994 - 18:59:23 EDT

Alright, someone else commented publicly on the $150 HW-8, so I'll make
this comment in public, in addition to the e-mail I just sent: "Oh no,
Mister Bill, looks like the HW-8 has entered the ranks of
Collectibles!" Sad to see the price inching up like that--getting into
the class of an antique instead of something to actually use, I guess.
(Guess I'll hang onto my unbuilt HW-8 kit for another few years; could
be a better deal than mutual funds!) 73 and Queue Our Pea DE WA8MCQ

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