Fox Hunt part 2


From: chuck adams (
Date: Wed Oct 19 1994 - 09:35:32 EDT


Got on again last night. We never said this was going to
be easy. As QRPers we understand all the handicaps we start
with and we go from there.

I started out at 7.115 or so. At 7.105 there is a very very
strong AM Broadcast station that was rock steady all evening.
Goes to show that anybody can do it with 25KW or so of power.

As best I can tell, the skip was very short until 0300Z and
then it went extra long. Didn't seem to be a gradual shift
either for a long period of time like there usually is.


0229 W5YM 7.115 599 579 Russ Fayetteville, AR (not in callbook)
0239 N5ODV 7.040 579 559 John Littlerock, MS
0246 WA4NID 7.040 449 499 Dave Durham, NC

After that all I heard was VE1s and VE3s and noone was very strong.

I think Dave was the only internetter from the QSOs and comments
during same.

Stan will be on next week, Thursday nite USofA time. Watch
for posting on Friday. After that I will K5FO/6 and K5FO/4 for
the next four weeks. Taking the NE40-40 on the road with me to
CA and Sierra to FL. I'll be checking the mail as 700+ messages
per week would be too much not to keep up with and wait until I
got back.

It was funny about Russ, W5YM. As I was talking to him I brought
up the QRZ CDrom on the SGI workstation and queried for his call
and got no return. I find it hard to believe that the FCC would
go back and reissue a call from that time period. It may be someone
using a unused slot in the FCC database. Time will tell if I get
a card from him. I QSL 100%. I got a card the other day from
W7ZOI for a qso we had in 1988. Sometimes it takes time to get these
things. :-)

cul es dit dit

Chuck Adams K5FO CP-60

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