From: chuck adams (
Date: Wed Oct 12 1994 - 09:05:00 EDT


I got a couple of questions about the antenna. Yes, it is
the commercial version of the WD4BUM hamstick and I think it
is manufactured by Lake-whatever in SC. Someone can fill me
in on this or I can look it up tonite.

I use the L-bracket that I posted earlier in the life of
this group that can be used to put two hamsticks back-to-back
to make a dipole. I would also think, in the case of putting
an antenna on a balcony, you could go down to your friendly
18 wheeler truck stop and find a similar and cheap critter
for mounting mobile whips to external rearview mirrors etc.
This is for those who don't have time or want to homebrew
some mechanism.

Now up to three countries, picked up Cuba just after last
nites posting and now up to 11 states. The point is, 40M
is in pretty good shape and if you can get some time in
the late evenings when band isn't too crowded, you can
work someone. I'm doing this around 7.035 to 7.065MHz.
The critters go to bed early, so the digital stuff has
thinned out on the low end of the digital section of 40M.

dit dit
Chuck Adams K5FO CP-60

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