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From: Mike Czuhajewski (
Date: Wed Oct 12 1994 - 04:22:55 EDT

And the debate goes on about testing with postings to the net... And
the answer is, if you must do a test, at least make it a useful posting
so everyone doesn't get ticked off at you (and don't mention that it's
a test, so no one suspects). And here's the tidbit to make THIS
posting useful to the net--While the deadline for the Milliwatt
reprints is almost here (tomorrow night), I am planning to write an
article about the MW for the QRP Quarterly, perhaps include some words
from W0RSP in it, and conclude by telling anyone interested to send an
SASE so they can be notified of future printings. If you don't, or
can't, make it this time around, don't despair-- there
will be future printing(s) of the Milliwatt reprints (although I still
think I should have my head examined for even thinking of going through
all this again....for a fourth time!). As Ade said in his posting, one
of the best things about the Milliwatt was that it brought together a
lot of people who were running QRP all on their own, showed everyone
that they were not alone, and everyone shared the joys of discovering
what could be done with QRP. Those were exciting times, indeed. (And
now QRP is so, well, institutionalized and mainstream and, well,
easy....but still a lot of fun!) 73 and Queue Our Pea DE WA8MCQ

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