Sierra 40M


From: chuck adams (
Date: Tue Oct 11 1994 - 22:40:29 EDT


NorCal Sierra rig on 40M, 0.95W out with 40M WD4BUM
hamstick up 25 ft with two radials, thus making a GP,
on battery Gel cell 4AH (overkill) in Dallas TX.

Countries - 2 - US es Canada (VE3)

States - 7 - IL WV NC FL WI MN WA

Thanks to NorCal and N6KR for a fine rig. Thanks to
Mr. Jim Cates who did a fantastic job of packing and
only missing one part in almost 200+ parts including
hardware, etc. Part cost me $0.16 to replace. No

I am surprised by the antenna. Here I thought that
an 80M long wire up high was a minimum to get over
75% hit ratios on CQs and calling, but I'm doing over
90% from what I can tell. Haven't been on all that
much. Anyone on this group that has ordered one and
then decides that it's too much, send me email. I'll
take another anytime. :-)

Anyone with NorCal Sierra that wants a sked, send me
email. 40M at the present time until I can get an
antenna figured out for the other bands.

dit dit es cul

Chuck Adams K5FO CP-60

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