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From: Tim Smith (tsmith@fibusa.com)
Date: Tue Oct 11 1994 - 22:23:01 EDT

Hi All,

Re-entering the hobby after a long time away...(been dabbling at VHF, packet
and other things in the man time). The last QRP station I owned was a first
generation HW-7 back in the 70's which I used with an old HRO-7 receiver
(gasp!) which shows you how much I trusted the HW-7 receiver. Anyway after
going to Boxboro recently I got a look at the ARK4 and ARK40 and was really
impressed. It's nice but it seems to take the fun out of true homebrewing
(but not knocking it eithe....may buy one). I'd like to get a general idea
of what's out there now for QRP either homebrew (true homebrew), commercially
built, or professionally packaged kits. I have a soft spot however for
those flea power machines in match boxes. If anyone has any suggestions
or war stories to benefit the newcomer (well kinda') I'd really appreciate

Those memories of 15 meters with one watt and a dipole.....


Tim SMith
Mattapoisett, MA
(near Cape Cod)

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