Re: drilling glass


From: Robert Gobrick (
Date: Tue Oct 11 1994 - 16:06:15 EDT

QRP Window drilling (?) I agree with Matt - don't bother drilling through
a glass window to bring a cable in. I went Matt's way of leaving both my
storm window (older house) and interior window with a slight crack -
enough to run a cable through. I them came up with an elaborit weather
sashing system using styrofoam strips running the length of the window,
top and bottom over the cable to make a sandwich aroung the cable. The
syrofoam fits in the window channels nicely. I then used additional
styrofoam and windwow sealant to finish job. For security attach window
stops for the new locations os you can't open window from outside.

Also you canuse a plexiglass section of "glass" if you really want to
drill holes for cables and use the plexiglas as your "wedge section".

By the way I run my coax (lots of it for satellite stuff) and open ladder
line through my window bottom using the Styrofoam method.

Enough of this QRP topic ;-)


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