From: Robert Gobrick (bgobrick@random.ucs.mun.ca)
Date: Tue Oct 11 1994 - 09:35:36 EDT

Nice issue of SPRAT out - but I have a question for the folks on INET
QRP-L list. Who is Byron Weaver WU2J? I'm tempted to drop him a line
since he's written three nice articles for SPRAT this past issue.

First his lead article on The B.L.T. (Bryon's Last Transceiver) 14 MHz
SSB Transceiver where he has acknowledged borrowing some of the neat
design ideas for the rig from NN1G and W7EL - it looks like a neat rig
and their are PC boards from FAR as the article states. I'm wondering
how the design compares to the 80m Emphite (sic) that the Vancouver gang
wrote up in the latest NORCAL QRPp? Will have to study that.

Second Bryon did a review of the SSB Mizuho handheld rig and finally he
wrote two papers which SPRAT was unable to publish because of size on
comparisons of horizontal and vertically polarized full wave loop antenna
in the Antenna section of SPRAT.

Pretty Prolific.

Does anyone know if Bryon writes for other QRP publications - if not we
need to recruit him for the North American ones (Not that I'm blaming
SPRAT for stealing back our best "colonial" QRP writers - hi)

Just some thoughts.....


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