Drilling Glass: The Answer


From: Jeffrey Herman (jeffrey@math.hawaii.edu)
Date: Tue Oct 11 1994 - 01:44:21 EDT

Here's the definitive answer as to how to drill a hole in glass (taken
from the Boatanchors email group).
Jeff NH6IL
>From owner-boatanchors@gnu.ai.mit.edu Mon Oct 10 16:56:28 1994
>From: clarke@acme.ist.ucf.edu (Thomas Clarke)
Subject: Drilling Glass
Heres how ATMs (Amateur Telescope Makers) do it.
Chuck a hollow tube in a drill press, you might cut
little slots in the tube, but not essential.
Make a little dam of clay around where you want the hole.
Fill in the dam area with water and abrasive powder
(silicon carbide) and let the tube then wear or abrade
a hole in the glass. Add water and abrasive as needed,
don't push too hard and have patience.
Half way from each side avoids break out.
This is how the big holes in mirrors and lenses are made.
Tom Clarke

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