QRP Roundup on 40 M CW


From: Stephen Modena (ab4el@Cybernetics.NET)
Date: Tue Oct 11 1994 - 00:27:48 EDT

Well...I remembered to turn the Triton IV on a couple of minutes
after 0200 UTC...Radio Moscow was talking about the new equality
in Khazakisatn...heard K5FO loafing along at 5 wpm...looked for the
key plug for that radio...none in sight...

Should I get on QRP mobile or pull the ts430s out of the car?

Decided to bring the 430 inside...and got it settled, bug plugged in
and ran a line to the Edison cells by the fridge. So where
was everyone around 7.110? Oh, well, it was almost the half-hour...
spun the dial down to 7.040 and readjusted the transmatch.

A couple of loud KG0's were on *our* calling freq....

02:39 KD4YRN s/559 r/569 Warren in Cary, NC (that's right next door
                                                 to us'n Raleigh)

03:00 K0JD s/599 r/569 John in Minneapolis (a full S7 on the meter...
                                                either the band's open
                                                or he's lying about 5 W)

03:17 VE7SR s/579 r/569 Eric in Oyama, BC (I blipped him with just a
                                                1x2 and he answered: the
                                                band is wide open NW-ward)

03:29 KE4COB s/599 s/599 Steve in North Raleigh...tuning up...first
                                                time on...QSL in the mail
                                                first thing in the morning)

Went back to listening to TV and playing Internet....

Next time...I'm going to keep the ts430s in the car and put up my
mobile mast...running 5 watts into a vertical dipole hanging off a
70 ft pine tree is too much signal for a wide open band.

BTW...last night I spent a happy couple of hours going hoarse in
successive QSOs on 160 M mobile...calling CQ and having people come
back with nice signal reports and nice ragchews about the vineyards
on Lake Erie, the beauty of ND, and joy of geology and paleobotany.

More of you shudda been on tonight! :^)

73/Steve/AB4EL ab4el@Cybernetics.NET

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