Sierra Kit Availability


From: chuck adams (
Date: Wed Oct 05 1994 - 11:01:00 EDT


Forgot. Those of you who are new to the group.

The Sierra kit sold out at 110 units. Unless someone commercially
comes along and pays Wayne the big bucks, there probably won't be
any more kits. I got #1 and it's not for sale at any price anytime
in the next year or so and it'll take something fantastic to get
me to part with it. :-) The others that got them will probably
hold on to them too, unless they got an offer significantly above
what they paid for them. I'd personally hope that they wouldn't
do that, 'cuz I know that they will regret that decision for a long

I'll probably start parting with some of the other 20+ rigs and
have a fire sale pretty soon. It's interesting to note that I
talked to someone the other day that bought an A&A Gary Breed
kit that I had sold two years ago. I put my name in all the
rigs that I put together. It's interesting to find out where
they all are later in life.

OK. I'm outta here.

dit dit

Chuck Adams K5FO CP-60

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