The ONER transmitter


From: Dick G0BPS (
Date: Mon Oct 03 1994 - 16:07:42 EDT

Hi gang,
I am told that a version of the ONER transmitter
using American versions of the UK components
appeared in QST. (My QST has not yet arrived here in the UK.)

Slight problem... Kanga has the sole rights to the supply
of the ONER transmitter from the G-QRP club, the name is
"copyright" of the club.

The other parts of the ONER transceiver,
ie the Rx, QSK, VFO, LPF are copyright of Kanga, designed
by us.

There is nothing wrong with the 624 transmitter,
that I know of, I just wished they had chosen a different name

TTFN de Dick

Dick G0BPS / G0ROO      A member of the DRAGON SLAYERS QRP Group
Kanga Products         (Remember that sometimes the Dragon wins)

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