October NorCal Meeting


From: Doug Hendricks (dh@altair.csustan.edu)
Date: Mon Oct 03 1994 - 02:19:06 EDT

The October meeting of the NorCal QRP Club was held at the California Burger
Restaurant Sunday, Oct. 2. There were about 40 members present, and the
most exciting thing was the arrival of Jim Cates. Jim is a nice guy, prince
of a fellow, but we weren't excited to see him, we were excited to see what
he had brought to the meeting. The Sierra was delivered today to those who
were in attendance at the meeting. Jim will start mailing tomorrow, and yes
Chuck Adams gets #1, as he was the first to pay. By the way, he paid $15
additional to have his Federal Expressed.
        I handed out an informational sheet on the Pacificon Hamfest coming
up the 21, 22, and 23rd of October in Concord at the Concord Hilton. The
QRP activities will get under way on Saturday, as ARCI will sponsor a QRP
Booth at the convention, and NorCal members will man it. If you have not
joined ARCI, be sure to do so at the convention, as you will get a copy of
the current issue of QRP Quarterly when you join. Stop by the booth and we
will sign you up!
        We also made plans for the hospitality room for Saturday night. The
festivities will start at 7:00 and go until midnight. Be sure to attend, as
it will be the QRP event of the year on the West Coast.
        The meeting was interesting, as Bil Paul, the famous Bicycle Hiker,
made his truimphant return and told us all about his bicycle trip and the
shake down of the Sierra. I had loaned him my Sierra, and he said that it
went through 5 days of shake, rattle, and roll without a problem. Bil said
that his bike rack broke, but the Sierra didn't! He has written an article
that will be published in the December issue of QRPp giving a full, detailed
acount of the trip.
        Denis Englander brought a special guest and newest NorCal member to
the meeting. He is Vasili Maslyukov, UA0SN, from Irkutsk, Russia. Vasili
is member number 750 of NorCal. He was presented with a complimentary copy
of the back issues, and has promised to write a couple of articles for QRPp.
The thing that got all of our attention was the fact that Vasily has worked
600 different cities in Japan!! All on a homebrew rig. What's so unusual?
He made his own variable capacitors for the rig!!!
        Eric Swartz had his NE 30-40 rig on display. It is in a shirt
pocket sized case just slightly larger than a package of cigarettes. As
always, Eric does excellent work.
        The members spent most of the time visiting and talking QRP. It was
a fun meeting, and I am anxious to see everyone at Pacificon. Hope to see
you there.

72, Doug, KI6DS

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