Re: ES, SK and there are probably others.


Date: Fri Sep 30 1994 - 14:58:12 EDT

On the maritime CW frequencies we used VA in place of the ham's SK.
Now they both *should* sound the same since they're sent as one
character but in practice that doesn't always happen. Some will
send SK with a tiny pause between the S and K; that's why I would
rather think of that prosign in terms of VA, since if you want
to pause a bit the pause is *on* the dash of the V - it sounds
smoother: didididaaaaahdidah rather than dididit dahdidah (which
is wrong anyway).

.73 from beautiful Hawaii,
Jeff NH6IL

Hawaii WX update: A low pressure center is sitting on top of the
island chain displacing our usual 15 knot NE Trade winds. As a
result no wind and high humidity; sunny in the mornings, cloudy
in the afternoons, heavy rains at sunset. High near 90, low in
the lower 70's. Ocean is 80 degrees, great for swimming and snorkling.

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