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From: chuck adams (adams@chuck.dallas.sgi.com)
Date: Fri Sep 30 1994 - 21:33:33 EDT


It is with deep deep regret that I must report the demise
of the K5FO Newsletter. As all of you have noticed, I have
had my butt in a plane too much of late and there is no
relief in sight for the next few months. I will be in
CA 3 weeks of the next six.

I got three months behind and don't see any relief in sight.
So, I am returning all portraits of Lincoln and Hamilton that
I got with a note. I am too much of a perfectionist and spend
too much time getting things exactly right. This is not a real
problem except when you are trying to crank out 20 pages a month
with all the other things going on.

I do want to operate this winter with the new Sierra rig. I get
#1 and it will arrive on Tuesday.

I am going to go back to contributing to QRPp and QRP ARCI Quarterly
and will write up reviews for this group.

Again, my apologies, but with the possibility of generating
chest pains again due to stress, I have to give up something.
Operating and building will be the last to go.

I publicly acknowledge that I did take on too much and I screwed
up, but hey, education is expensive no matter how you get it. Doug
Hendricks does a fantastic job of producing the QRPp, even at
quarterly dates, I know that it's still a killer.

So, watch the mails for the return of photos of dead presidents
as reproduced by the government of your choice. Sorry, I don't
pay interest on the loan and you got two fantastic free copies
postpaid anyway. I don't wanna hear any complaints. :-) :-)

So quietly I crawl back into my hole and hide my head in shame.
"Not failure but low aim is crime." - Alexander Pope (English Poet)

dit dit

Chuck Adams K5FO CP-60

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