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Date: Fri Sep 30 1994 - 14:43:31 EDT

Sorry this is long after the discussion ended, but I just had to brag a
little. I attempted to send it out on Sept 21, but it seems to have
disappeared into WA8MCQ's Internet black hole. Either that, or I mis-addressed
it. Even so, I didn't get any "bounced mail" messages...

Anyway, here it is!

Gee gang, I was hearbroken two years ago when I missed a "deal" on a poor
condx '509. A guy was selling it at a local hamfest, but left his car without
telling the fellow watching his stuff his asking price. I stopped by several
times and missed the owner. - Had to watch my own stuff. - An hour or so
later, I saw the owner back at his car. I rushed over to find the '509 gone -
he had sold it along with the power amp and mike for $75!

But, last year I got lucky. I saw another '509 in fair condition along with
the digital display for sale. Haggling over the course of a day, I got it for
$200. At the time I thought that was high. Looks like I made out ok. And for
the first time in my ham career, I own an SSB rig.

Does everyone have strange spurs in their '509 receiver on 10 meters?


Joe E.

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