Re: 160 meter activity night


From: qrmodena@csemail
Date: Tue Sep 27 1994 - 21:19:25 EDT

> Worked NA4G on 1807 using 5 watts from Argonaut II and 120' end fed wire. Called
> and listened from 1810 - 1815, but nothing else heard or worked. Anyone else
> on last night trying qrp?
> 73 de Ted, KF8EE

Well, I got on late...about 0215...only heard one weak, qsb station
at 1813....

Why didn't I hear Bob NA4G, since he is about 4 miles away?

Then called CQ a number of times on 1812....

Higher and lower, heard some strong 3's and 8's...

Heard a 3 calling CQ DX around 1825...

Then readjusted my mobile antenna and talked to VE3YP up on 1840...
he (and I), was not QRP...he was S9+30 on one of his sloppers...and
s9+10 on the other two sloppers...some people have real estate.
Listening to him QSO some other stations, I believe that 160 M
was *long* last night, because 8's were loud and steady and
Virginia stations were weak and wavery.

There's something my ts-430s doesn't like about 160 M...can't turn
the power up above 60 watts CW without the radio going crazy...
I'm thinking that the body of my car is not really effective on
160 and some rf is coming back to the rig on the outside of the

I think this coming weekend, I am going to try to build a motorized
screw setup to clamp to the two sections above my loading coil
so that I can "dynamically" adjust the frequency of my mobile
mast...right now I do it by sharpie-marks checked against my
MFJ Antenna Analyzer...which is a pain taking it down and putting
it back up in the dark. ;^)

The 3905 Century Club will be starting in October...then I can really
test whether QRP SSB on 160 M cuts it! :^)


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