First INET Rig files on ftp site


From: Ray Anderson (Raymond.Anderson@EBay.Sun.COM)
Date: Mon Sep 26 1994 - 21:22:58 EDT

I've just placed a few files on the site related
to the ongoing INET rig project. They are in the /pub/rander/qrp
directory. (block diag. of proposed vfo) (schematic of dual digital quadrature circuit using 74S175) (schematic of simplified digital quadrature circuit using 74S74)

I'll try and put copies of these in HPGL on the system in a couple of days.

        These are just a snapshot in time and are subject to change at any
time. Any and all are invited to make suggestions, build the circuits, or
whatever. Things WILL change before the final unit comes together.

        Does anyone have any favorite 10 meter VFO circuits that they've found to
work well and are stable ? I'd like to hear suggestions.

72's de WB6TPU, Ray

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