From: James M Fitton +1 508 960 2577 (
Date: Tue Sep 27 1994 - 08:37:00 EDT

QRP-NE Members;

72 Newsletter is compl. and in the mail today (hopefully).

Be sure to attend the ARRL Convention at Boxboro this weekend.

QRP-NE will have an information booth and would like members to
work the booth, and bring Home Brew projects for show and tell.

QRP Forum - Saturday, 1:00 pm
Dave Benson, NN1G will talk on Home Brew.
Dave is the designer of the 40-40 and 40-30 series of simple
transceiver kits offered by QRP-NE.

QRP Forum - Saturday, 2:00 pm
Randy Rand, AA2U will talk about QRP DXing and contesting.
Randy, is an expert on operating, and a QRP operators QRPer.

Dennis, K1LGQ to make introductions.
Bill, AE1D to video tape QRP forums.
Jim, W1FMR to fill in with club announcements.
Chet Bowles, AA1EX will present preliminary QRP-AFIELD results

QRP-NE will also have a room available for an officer's/workers
meeting. Time/Day TBA.

Bob, VO1DRB, please bring your projects......
Paul, W1CFI please tell Greg what is happening....

All welcome to attend and participate.......

72 Jim W1FMR

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